Rebuild. Revive. RESTORE

We’ve been prayerfully and strategically preparing to rebuild our sanctuary that was destroyed in the 2020 derecho. The new facility will be for all of us, and especially for your “one.” Each of us has a “one” in our lives that we’re praying for and engaging toward a new life in Christ. That’s why it’s so important to plan for growth at River of Life.


April 11-May 16- “He Restores” sermon series

April 10- Restoration Celebration event (1-4pm) – plan to invite your friends!

April 12-April 24- Dessert nights

April 23- Prayer & Worship Night (6:30pm)

May 2- Commitment Sunday

May 16- Celebration Sunday


Dear ROL Family & Friends,

In times of turmoil throughout Scripture, God’s people have one course of action: come together and seek the face of the Lord.

This is a unique opportunity for us to gather as a church family and once again plant our feet on the Rock that is Jesus Christ. He is our answer to destroyed buildings, sickness, fear and cultural turmoil.

It’s time to make a commitment. Why? Because we’re each buying back into the mission Jesus gave us, to make disciples and teach them His commands. Loving the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength includes things like our time, our talents and our finances.

We’ve said from the beginning that the Restore Initiative is not just about giving money to construct a new building. Our focus is on a worship center that will serve as a vehicle to accomplishing our mission to be a church family that knows Jesus and makes Him known. We want a fresh experience of the Lord’s great love, which will then refuel our passion for Jesus, leading us to share the gospel with our friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members.

River of Life Church has a unique place within the city-wide church because you have unique access and relationships to the lost in the Cedar Rapids area. The building matters because of where God has assigned us in this geographic region at this time in history.

Our new building will be a place where the lost and broken can find a refuge from the ravages of sin and be born again into new life in Jesus. When you think about “your one” who does not yet know Jesus, we want you to dream of having them come into our building, to hear the gospel and to be changed forever as they turn from sin and give their life to Jesus.

Yes, we are committing to give our money to the building of our worship center, but regardless of what the Lord may be leading you to give,this is a time for us to be together as a church family. We will lean into Jesus, trusting Him to lead us into the future. There is no need to feel shame if you are not able to give a large amount. Giving to the work of God has always been about a joyful heart and a sacrificial act of love for the Lord. Where your heart is when you give matters so much more than the actual amount.

We face a moment in our nation and in our community where we desperately need the Lord to step in. Our tendency is to wish things back to the way they were, when it felt easier and there was less cultural pressure against biblical beliefs. Instead, we are to seek the Good Shepherd who gives us more than the leftovers of yesterday but makes all things new. We pray that you will join us in witnessing what God desires to do in and through River of Life Church.

In Love, Pastors Steve and Marcus

Online RESTORE Pledge Card


We look forward to growing as a church family in prayer during this initiative. We’ll be providing a prayer guide and hosting the Prayer & Worship Night toward that effect, so stay tuned! Because we’re not just concerned with rebuilding the worship center; we’re hungry for the revival and restoration that only God can bring. That empty destroyed building is an opportunity for something new, just as the pain and trials in people’s lives provide opportunity to receive God’s love and power in new and transformative ways. Until the campaign begins, would you join us in praying:

Pray that God will prepare each heart in the River of Life family for what God is doing, personally & corporately

Pray for boldness to invite friends to the Restoration Celebration

Pray for God to provide the finances that we need to continue our mission at River of Life.


The Restore Initiative, April 11 to May 22, is a time for the River of Life church family to not only plan finances toward rebuilding our worship center, but to renew our commitment to the Lord in prayer, to discipleship relationships with one another, and to  boldly invite our friends and neighbors to community and faith. There is no question that our building needs restoration! But God is also the restorer of souls, lives, and relationships. Throughout this campaign we want to go deeper together in our mission: “To be a church family that knows Jesus and makes him known.” We hope you’ll use this prayer guide to help you in that!

If you are unable to attend services you can request a Prayer Guide be sent to you. Simply call the church office, (319) 393-3709, or email: You can also print one at home: Prayer Guide PDF


Pastors Steve & Marcus are inviting you to join them in a smaller setting to hear the heart behind the “Restore Initiative”. This is a pivotal season for each of us within the ROL church family, and we want to spend some time with you, discussing the details and taking your questions while we enjoy a delicious dessert. See below for the dates and times available, reservations are requested, and childcare will be provided.

  • Reserve your spot:
  • Online:
  • By email:
  • By phone: (319) 393-3709


  • Dates & Times
  • Monday, April 12, 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday, April 13, 6:00 OR 7:30 pm
  • Wed., April 14, 6:00 OR 7:30 pm
  • Thursday, April 15, 7:00 pm
  • Friday, April 16, 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, April 18, 5:30 pm
  •  We look forward to seeing all of you at one of our Restore Dessert Nights!


Check out these creative ways to give and this helpful budgeting tool.


Often times when we are asked to sacrifice and give to an important cause, we think, “If they only knew how little money I have,” or “I’m giving all I can—I can’t give anymore,” or “I can barely make it on what I earn. There’s no way I can give to the project.” We understand the concerns and empathize with you. That’s why we developed a list of creative ways to give that you may have overlooked. Each one requires sacrifice, but like King David said, “I will not offer up to the Lord anything that costs me nothing!” (1 Chronicles 21:24).

  1. Be a Coupon Clipper. Food is probably the largest expense we have each month. Using food coupons can save $30-$40 per week. Donating that $30 a week over three years totals $4,680.
  2. Give up a “routine.” For example, a gourmet coffee each day for three years can cost over $3,000.
  3. Commit your income tax refund check for the two year period.
  4. Commit an estimated raise in salary over the next two years.
  5. Adjust your Vacations. For one or more years of the two-year period, do something close and inexpensive like day-trips or picnics. Or take a two-day vacation instead of a week and save on the airfare and hotel costs. This can save $1,000 to $2,000 easily.
  6. Continue a bill payment. If you will be paying off some form of debt in the next year commit to continue to “pay the bill” by redirecting the money to the project after the bill is paid off. A $100 payment per month over two years is $2,400.
  7. Cut down to basic cable instead of premium cable with movie channels. Premium Cable could be as much as $150 a month. By cutting back to basic cable, you could save up to $3,600 over three years.
  8. Put off a discretionary major purchase and redirect the money to the project. For example, delaying the purchase of a newer-model vehicle for a year or two could enable you to contribute $5,000 to $6,000 to the project.
  9. Make a “dollar per week increase.” If you’re concerned about making a large commitment, this will help build faith. Start with $1 the first week, then two, then three. Pray for wisdom in where the next dollar will come from. Over two years, you would give over $5,400.
  10. Donate your collectibles. You may have treasures sitting in your home, such as coins, stamps, baseball cards, art or other collections of worth. Consider parting with these items by getting them appraised, selling them, and donating the revenue to the project.
  11. Donate Land and/or Real Estate. Selling land or real estate of which you are not getting use may generate tens of thousands of dollars or more.
  12. Donate other assets of worth. Do you have jewelry, or an extra boat, car or motorcycle? Prayerfully consider donating them to the church to defray the cost of the project.



New to budgeting? This is a great place to start and get your feet wet! Use this form from to get started


Restore Initiative Giving: